Newtown Food Surplus

Become a Volunteer

Newtown Food Surplus is almost entirely the work of volunteers! We have two dedicated part-time employees – and everything else is done by a wide range of enthusiastic people who give some of their time, regularly or occasionally.

Why not get in touch!

We now have a team of over 60 enthusiastic, committed volunteers who help with all aspects of the project. You could come and join us – there are lots of opportunities for all sorts of people!

Join us as a Volunteer

We are currently looking for additional volunteers who have access to a car. We collect from local supermarkets every day of the week, in Newtown and in Welshpool. We have vacancies for regular slots at the same time each week. We also welcome people who can cover occasional gaps, caused by holidays and sickness.

We also want people who can help run our hub, where food collections are delivered each evening, for freezing and storing.

The final area where you could volunteer is in delivering our food share events. These are held in Newtown each Monday and Friday, usually in the morning. We often have vacancies for people who could staff stalls, or do important tasks such as unloading, carrying, cleaning, and helping/guiding customers.