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Foodshares & Events

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Food Shares

Our food shares take place every Monday & Friday. These are generally held at the Scout Hall on Park Lane, from 1030 – 11.30. Please check our Facebook page for up to date info on these including our distribution point for that day.

We also from time to time have workshops, they can be found in the events section of our Facebook page.

Where does the food come from?
Newtown Food Surplus collect left over food from supermarkets, which is still good to eat but would otherwise go to waste.

We have also started to buy in additional surplus and some staple veg/fruit at cost, as demand for our services has increased significantly. Because of the Cost of Living Crisis, many people now rely on us. We use donations from customers, as well as grants from national and local organisations, to support this work.

Who can come to a foodshare?
Everyone is welcome! We need everyone’s help to get this good food eaten and stop it from going to waste. We encourage people who are having a tough time with the cost of living to come during the first half an hour of the food share when there is most choice, and anti-waste people come after that to help clear up what is left.

What type of food is there?
It really does vary. Surplus is very unpredictable but you can always guarantee there will be bread and bakery items! So if you love bread please come! There will always be vegetables and fruit, and generally some frozen food, but quantities of any particular item will vary.

Do you have to pay?
No, you don’t have to pay! If you can afford a donation that’s brilliant. Donations from our customers help towards our running costs and help us provide for others who cannot afford to donate. No worries if you are unable to donate – you’re also helping by getting the food eaten, rather than wasted.

You are guaranteed a friendly welcome at the foodshare. It’s a good chance to catch up with neighbours. We love that the whole community comes together to get this good food eaten and save it from being wasted.