Newtown Food Surplus

Feeding Bellies Not Bins

Newtown food Surplus collects, sorts and stores surplus food from local businesses. We redistribute the food via food shares and other schemes to stop food from entering landfill and to reduce food poverty.

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Our mission

The dramatic fact is that a quarter to a third of all food that is produced is then not eaten! Energy is wasted growing, transporting, processing and storing food that never gets used. Food that is thrown away then goes on to generate greehouse gases and so speeds climate change. In the UK as a whole about 9.5 million tonnes of food is wasted every year.

Newtown Food Surplus was set up to fight against this wasteful system in our area. We have created an effective way to redistribute perfectly good food, putting it into people rather than landfill.

We have also become an important source of support in the community, to provide fresh goods to people struggling with the cost of living crisis in Powys. Our foodshares and partner organisations have helped households, giving hope and positivity to a community hit hard by rising food bills.

We welcome everyone through our gates, to tackle both of the above issues. Why not check out our foodshare information and come to see for yourself!